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South America

Coffee to improve life

JNC represents around 50,000 families of small farmers in Perú and works with them to strengthen their organizations and ensure sustainable growth of the coffee sector.

Meet the trans candidate

Diane Rodríguez made history in Ecuador. This woman transexual was postulating for a seat in the Ecuatorian Assembly. She is an activist for the human rights since age 18.

Culture for social change

Since 1995, Wayna Tambo promotes socially-committed art in Bolivia, encouraging young people to use culture and art as tools for expression and the social engagement. 

Empowered indigenous

Amazonian leaders in Ecuador have led a series of campaigns and legal actions in defense of their collective rights. One of these actions managed to save the sarayaku's territory.

Facts & Figures

South America

Total liability € 16.7 million

Number of countries 4

Number of partner organisations 70


South America
El patrimonio del gabinete de Evo

With one click, Nelfi Fernández, Williams Chorolque and Elizabeth Arostegui opened up more than just doors in Bolivia. After months of work and research, on January 21st they launched El patrimonio del gabinete de Evo (The Assets of Evo’s Cabinet), a project that has received attention of Latin American media and civil society interested in transparency and accountability. For the project’s creators, this is just a beginning.

Big Data - Big DADA? **

After two successful editions of Age of Wonderland, its founding organisations Hivos and Baltan Laboratories are inviting artists, designers, scientists and other creative thinkers and doers to investigate, develop and share ideas or scenarios for its 2016 residency and public programme revolving around ‘Big Data’.

All rights reserved. Photo: IV Encuentro Latinoamericano de Teatro del Oprimido

If you happen to be in Matagalpa, Nicaragua right now, you might notice a new buzz in the air. Maybe because this is the first time that the country is hosting the Latin American event Theater of the Oppressed, an international meeting of over 350 artists from 23 different countries who have brought all their creativity, activism and discussions to the city.